Denny Blood

Denny Blood

Played by
Alicya Eyo

Seven years for arson after burning down her children's home.

The only child of a thrice-married alcoholic mother, Jessie Devlin (now deceased). In care since the age of five.

Denny has experienced all of the corrective institutions. She has been emotionally deprived all her life and was sexually abused by her 'carers'. To compensate, she has formed fiercely loyal, fixated relationships, often with women whom she perceives have power - thus her early obsession with Shell.

Denny is a good fighter, being fearless to the point of stupidity. Despite her size, she is strong and works out to maintain her physical advantage. However, she's not very bright - she didn't learn to read until she came to Larkhall - and because of this, she is often easily manipulated and set up to attack other people's enemies.

On the plus side, Denny is a good friend to those she cares about... but she can also be a deadly enemy.

Last seen...
Receiving a transfer to an Open Prison after her debut exhibition took the art world by storm (s5ep16).

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