Shell Dockley

Shell Dockley

Played by
Debra Stephenson

Life imprisonment for the kidnap, torture and eventual murder of the woman who 'stole' her boyfriend.

The daughter of an alcoholic mother - Rita - and an abusive father. Two daughters, Kayley and Dena, who lived with Rita before being taken into care. Shell later gave birth to a son, Ronan, inside Larkhall and he was also taken into care.

On first appearances, Shell is the archetypal prison bully. Her ambition is to be queen of the landings and she needs all the little status symbols that life in a prison can offer. Although she would never admit it, she yearns for the respect and the admiration of her fellow inmates. She is, however, constantly undermined and her attempts at bullying are rarely successful. Very often, she finds herself alone and isolated, without any real friends.

Shell has many talents, but perhaps her greatest skill is lying. It makes her a dangerous prisoner because she is always so convincing. She can think on the spot, unlike many of the prison officers who have to deal with her. Shell's not all bad, but some of her jailers would disagree.

Last seen...
Being transferred to a secure psychiatric facility after Fenner accused her of trying to smother her baby son (s5ep4).

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