Series 2 Cast Interviews
Alison Newman

Alison Newman

Renee Williams

Alison is delighted to have joined the bad girls on set!   “Renee is a gangster’s moll and very very rich.  She has a huge amount of attitude: she is racist, she is homophobic, she is scared of nothing and no one, she is violent and aggressive – she doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities - so a fantastic role to play!”

“Renee ‘wears’ her gangland connections.  She’s really twisted and is out to get Yvonne when she finds out that she is in the same prison…”

“After graduating from Drama School I was sidelined for ten years and worked in advertising, the music business and many, many bars!   I’ve been very lucky as I’ve only been acting for the past two and half years and have played some very varied roles - a junkie, a nurse, a serial killer and now Renee, so I haven’t been type cast.  My break came when I was in The Censor at the Royal Court and have since worked in television in Touching Evil III, Great Expectations and Butterfly Collectors”.